Saturday, May 05, 2007

Gate-Junction-Hole in the Fence

JB and I almost had the whole Mountain to ourselves today. There are a half-dozen centuries in the Bay Area this weekend so most of the roadies were out doing one of those I guess. Rick’s doing Grizzly Peak tomorrow.

JB described to me his training plan was to do three intervals on every ride. When we got to the Bump he took off and went hard for about one minute and then slowed down to recover. I caught up with him a while later and then at the Upper Ranch he did it again, and again I caught up during his recovery. At Chainbuster he went for Number 3 but this time I stayed on his wheel. He tried to stretch out his interval phase long enough to shake me but wound up just destroying himself and handing me an easy win with about a 50 meter sprint.

Whenever I don't get a photo during my ride, I look for one in one of the photo sharing websites like Picasa. This is a watercolor by Robin Purcell called "Crimson Diablo". If you buy it or another one in her gallery, tell her I sent you.

We agreed to do the Hole and then we went through the golf course and those back streets of Walnut Creek that I can never remember the names of – I never take the lead back there because I’d miss a turn for sure.

There was some kind of “Walk for the Library” event happening on the Canal Trail, I don’t know what that was all about but those people weren’t used to sharing the trail with bike riders.

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robin.purcell said...

Thanks for posting my painting. It will be on display at my house in danville for the open studios tour on sat and sun june 2 and 3 email for directions and stop by on your way down the mountain I am 4 miles from mt diablo scenic