Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sew-up Failure

The rear tire on my Merckx showed an interesting failure this week. It looks like a big blister that's about ready to burst, and I'm sure if I kept on ridingit, it would have. It appears to be a casing failure under the tread where a bit of tube is forcing the tread out into a bubble.

I had a hard time getting my camera to focus on the bubble instead of on the wall behind but these photos show a pretty good view.

Now this tire had been filled up with Seal & Flate which is a sealant with propellant combination in a can that I put in there to patch up a slow leak (worked pretty well, not perfectly). So since I believe this tire now to be unrepairable I decided to do some investigation on how the sealant works. I'll be cutting up this tire and looking for the spots where the slow leak was patched and take some photos of that, and also the spot where the bubble is to see if I can figure out how that failed. That's all for this blog entry though, watch for updates.

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