Saturday, May 12, 2007


Looked like a real storm outside when I woke up this morning - no rain but lots of wind and it was cold. I went with long sleeves but not leg warmers, it's May for chrissakes.

I got to the Gate just a minute before JB, he had tights on. We knew Rick wasn't coming so we went up. Right away I realized JB didn't feel too well so we didn't do any throwing down.

We saw a guy coming down that we see nearly every week now - he's a middle aged guy with a moustache and rides a hybrid with a very vertical posture. You'd never guess he's very experienced from his riding style, and maybe he's not, but he's descending NGR just about every Saturday morning during our ride up. Sometimes I wonder if he gets a ride up from someone with a car and just does the descent... he must start awfully early. I think he needs a nickname for easy reference in my blog posts... how about "Dudley"?

Dudley Flyby: in the switchbacks above Moss Landing.

It never really got warm, but the wind died down a bit above the Ranches. JB seemed to get slower and slower as we got closer to Junction - then he ran down to the out house... I didn't press him for details but he wasn't interested in going any higher.

So I went up to Junction and then decided to keep on going. Didn't hang around long at the Summit though.

Had to stop at Junction on the way down just to warm up my hands.

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