Saturday, March 22, 2008

Almost Warm

I even thought about going out in shorts but opted for tights and a LS jersey.

Finally got around to resetting the clock on my Flight Deck and accidentally screwed up the gear selection.

Got to the Gate at 8 and no one was there so I got a head start on JB. A group of about 10 had started just in front of me and I held them in view for quite a while, but then stopped chasing.

Stopped at the Bump for a couple shots.

They've got some road repair equipment at the Middle Washout already - they're taking this seriously. There's a piece of the pavement that's been saw cut but they'll have to do a lot more than just repave... maybe even including a new retaining wall.

I saw JB behind me and got serious. With a couple miles to go I thought I could stay ahead, and I did.

It was getting windy, so we decided to do SGR, then Blackhawk and around.

Wildlife Encounter: a big turkey on a sound wall next to Blackhawk Road - there was a whole flock in the field farther back.

No Dudley two weeks in a row??

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