Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Wednesday Night Ride (WNR) of the Year

Daylight Wasting Time ended Sunday, so the WNR is on! There were some logistical problems though and I got to the start before everybody else and took off solo.

It was a little cool and I had on my tights but no jacket. Two guys passed me but they turned around at the top of the Bump. Didn't see anybody else going up but quite a few riders coming down.

Just as I suspected from Saturday's ride, the "Washout Before the Washout" is now down to one lane. It's really not too bad yet but it's worse than a few days ago so it'll probably keep sliding for a while.

Finally just after Chainbuster I see Adam and JB coming up behind me. I droped the hamer and managed to keep my gap until I got to Junction. There we talked to other riders who were all enjoying Daylight Saving Time. The news is reporting studies that show DST doesn't save energy... I don't care, I like it.

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