Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gate - Junction - Hole

Rick's in Florida for a vacation. JB and I got a late start (my fault). Both of us had flats last night, but that didn't affect today's ride.

It was supposed to be drizzling but it didn't happen during the ride.

Two faster guys passed us as we toodled up. Didn't see Dudley.

The Washout below the Washout is even a little worse than Wednesday.

At the Junction some guys came down from Summit Road and said everything was frosted over up there and 29°F. JB and I decided to go down the south side.
On the descent we could see a big black cloud just hanging over the Mountain at higher elevations.


midai said...

Wondering since you say both of you had flats Friday night and then rode on Diablo Sat. morning, if that is typical riding that soon again after a ride for you. Would be curious what your normal weekday rides are if it is more than Wed. and Sat. on the mountain.
By the way, I think you helped me fix a flat at the S.Gate Kiosk a few years back when I was a newbie.
Blogreader Brian

Diablo Scott said...

Friday night's flats were on the commute home from work. Wednesdays and Saturdays are my only regular rides other than commuting.

I don't remember helping anybody at the SG Kiosk, but it might have been me. Pay it forward buddy.