Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fijn Vlaamse Veer

Everything was still wet when I left the house, but the rain looked over. My knee was kind of hurting too but it didn't last long. Met JB at the Gate and neither one of us felt like suffering so we rode easily and talked.

The rain cloud was still hanging over the Mountain and visibility was low. I remember thinking how odd it was to climb and climb and not see anything ahead.

They haven't made any progress on the Middle Washout since Wednesday. We hoped they had plans to fix the downhill lane also because it's obviously damaged. Then we hoped that maybe they'd close North Gate Road to all motor vehicles and only bikes and hikers could use it.

There's another section just below Wounded Knee that looks like it's about ready to give out as well. The earth had slid away from the road and the pavement is going to be next.

We stopped at Junction for a little while and then went down to the Kiosk. It was a lot wetter over there - the cloud was heavier, the trees were dripping, and it eventually started to rain. We were pretty wet by the time we got back to the Junction but I was happy to see so many other riders up there as well. We just kept going back down to the Gate while we were still warm. Lots of riders coming up too.

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