Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Finally - East Gate Road!

Just got word from the State Park folks that the long-awaited plan for an eastern route up the Mountain will break ground soon. The new paved road will climb from Morgan Territory Road, up the currently dead-end Curry Canyon Road, and then a new 2-lane paved road will climb up to Devil's Elbow.

The project has support from local hiking and equestrian groups because there will be several staging areas along the route that will open up to new trails. Residents on Curry Canyon Road are unanimously supportive of the new construction since it will provide a convenient shortcut to Walnut Creek and Danville.
A new entrance gate will be positioned near the end of the existing Curry Canyon Road and will be named the Arthur Mijares Commemorative Diablo Kiosk (AMCDK). From there, the new East Gate Road will climb upward at a maximum grade of 5% (providing wheelchair accessability as well as allowing kick-bikes, recumbents, trailercycles, and elderly East County cyclists easier self-propelled access to the Summit.

Funds for the project will come from several new vending machines installed along the route, paid for and operated by contributing commercial sponsors who will be granted status as official products. Currently, Peet's Coffee is the Official Caffeinated Beverage of Mount Diablo and HammerGel is the Official Energy Supplement; both will be available at the AMCDK from machines that will accept coins, bills, and debit cards.

Florence and Hank Vande Oosten are among the many supportive local residents. "This new eastern approach to the Summit of Diablo will have myriad financial and cultural benefits for our community" says the pair.

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Curtis Corlew said...

This is likely being done to provide increased access to the planned ski resort. I didn't think that making snow would work that well, but I guess they found a way to make it economically viable. It's sure going to beat driving to Tahoe, and, living in Antioch, I'll be really happy when the East Gate entrance is opened.