Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sponsorship Gift Offer

I have an offer for my readers who enjoy pro racing. I have a home-made DVD of the Versus coverage of this year's Milan-San Remo, Tour of Flanders, and Paris-Roubaix that I'll burn a copy of (all on one disk) for anyone who sponsors me for at least $20. The coverage of each race was 2-hours before commercial cuts.

I recorded the races on my DVR, then edited them on to a VHS in 6-hour mode, then transferred the races to a DVD in 6-hour mode. All the commercials have been edited out so it makes for really great viewing. The quality isn't high-def but it's definitely watchable - probably similar to something you'd do yourself if you had the time, equipment, and motivation; but I'll send you a copy of MINE as a thank you gift for sponsoring me!

Click HERE to sponsor me and then when you get to the part about sending me a message - just say you want a copy of the disk. I'll respond within a day or two and confirm (if I don't, please click the "mail me" link on my sidebar.

I also have some other races done in a similar format from 2006 and 2007 including Tour of California and most of the monuments... drop me an e-mail if you'd like anything special and I'll let you know what I can do.

EDIT UPDATE: OK, zero takers so far on the 2008 classics, how about something more unusual - I have a disk with the 1989 Paris-Roubaix, and the 1989 Tour de Trump (first one!) See 7-Eleven in Europe and New England on their Eddy Merckx bikes.

See Greg Lemond just prior to his comeback TdF win, Sean Kelley, Larry Fignon, Alexi Grewal, Ron Kiefel in his USPro jersey... see Rishi Grewal go on a suicide breakaway from the starting gun.

Also Erik Vanderaerden, Gert-Jan Theunisse, and Henk Lubberding; even Viatchslav Ekimov at age 22 for the "Soviet National Team".

See Bob Mionske before he was a lawyer, and Bob Roll before he lost his hair, see the 25 mile promenade out of New York before the official stage start in New Jersey, see Donald Trump predict that his race will one day be as big as the Tour de France.

Some of the commercials remain... remember the Domino's Noid?

The video quality on this one is marginal - it's spent 19 years on a video tape. The race coverage is laughable... ABC Sports, a bunch of talking heads, Pierre Salinger(!), generally more interviews than racing. This disk is a slice of what it was like back in the deep dark ages before Versus/OLN. Definitely worth a $20 tax-deductible donation. Come-on... CLICK

2nd Edit: Another disk has just become available! The 1995 Tour de France as covered by ESPN including Phil and Paul and Adrian Carstou (I refuse to Google him for the correct spelling.) This was Indurain's final victory. Bjarne Riis was starting to challenge and he's wearing his Danish National Champion's jersey. Marco Pantani wins on Alpe d'Huez and endears himself to zillions of fans. Pre-cancer Lance loses a 2-man sprint. Casartelli dies in the Pyrenees and the whole peloton rides in funeral formation for the next stage. Lance takes a stage for his own and credits Fabio.

Also: Jaja, Bruyneel (in the yellow jersey!), Zulle, Rominger, Abdu, Gotti, Konichev, and Virenque!

The video quality isn't too bad, the editing isn't too good; the disk covers from the first mountain stage to the end. I'm getting desperate for sponsors - make me an offer! CLICK

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