Saturday, April 05, 2008

Diablo and Martinez Cycling Day

Rick's racing in Santa Cruz today. JB and I took a semi-lazy ride to the Junction. It was chilly but clear and beautiful and not windy.

Roadkill Observation: two snakes, not too big.

The Middle Washout is all fixed now. Still kind of sandy on the surface though.

At the Junction, JB turned around for home.

Dudley Driveby: coming down from the Summit while I was munching a PowerBar at the Junction.

I went down to the Kiosk with the intention of taking some photos. It was a really nice day but it was a little foggier and colder on the Easy Side of the Mountain (ESoM). I wound up taking photos of people instead.

This guy saw me taking photos while I was riding and said - "Are you going to post these on your blog?" I thought maybe he recognized me but no, he just assumed anyone riding with a camera must have a blog. LOL

Later, dear daughter and I went to "Martinez Celebrates Cycling". She entered her first race and won a T-shirt.

Diablo Daughter (pink pants) lines up for her first ever criterium.
Afterward, we stayed around and watched the P-1-2 race that Adam was in.

Four or five guys from Rock Racing were even there.

This Webcor guy recognized me.


Curtis Corlew said...

And how did teh girl in pink do?

Diablo Scott said...

All finishers were awarded the same placing... tied for first.

She won a too big T-shirt but she loves it for a nightie.

She was concerned about the technical nature of the course at first, but handled the 180° turn around the traffic cone like a pro.

And she left it all on the road, finishing completely spent and begging for ice cream.