Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was ready for a warm morning, but when I walked my dog at 6:30 my toes turned blue so I went digging for tights and arm warmers. Windier than I expected as well.

We waited at the Gate for one of JB's out of town friends, but he didn't show up. First part of the ride was pretty social and we kvetched about the cold and wind and smog. Rick bought some new pedals after the accidental cleat disengagement a couple weeks ago - Look Keo somethings... says he likes them but clicking in is different.

Dudley Driveby: About 8:40, just below ChainBuster. Rick noted that Hell must have frozen over because Dudley had long pants on.

Talked with a couple guys at the Junction and then went down the South side. Near Rock City there was a group of three that was kind of hogging the road - I found a safe spot and came around and Rick came with me. A little while later I hear this NY taxi cab kind of whistle so I move over and a woman passes me like I'm some kind of wuss-descender and she was one of the three I passed earlier. Watching her was almost a spiritual experience... she railed downhill corners like "Il Falco" and disappeared from view within 30 secs or so.

We hooked up with a group of Berkeley club cyclists on Diablo Road and made good time back to the golf course and then just tooled back to WC. We saw what at first appeared to be opossum road kill and turned around to investigate and realized it was a rare white raccoon... click HERE to see a semi-gory photo. Rick thought he was an albino but he doesn't have those pink eyes... who knows.

I'm really happy with my new cobblestone driveway so I took a couple photos there too.

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