Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008 WNR 08

Wednesday afternoon found me stuck in San Francisco traffic. I always enjoy seeing my favorite landmark on the way home.

Tonight, we brought up a Diablo virgin - Adam's cousin Kenny. He's been riding and he's young and fit but he's never done anything like Diablo. He and Adam rode from the office and met me at the Gate. JB has tickets to the A's game so he DNSed.

At first the three of us rode together. Kenny wasn't as comfortable drafting so he kept a distance but didn't have trouble keeping up. Then at the Bump he hammered up but I held back, not sure if he knew what he was doing or not. Then we all re-grouped at the Cold Shoulder. Then Adam went off solo and I rode with Kenny and pointed out the usual locations. He said he hoped never to have a spot named after one of his misfortunes.

Then at Big Shady Oak I told him, "one mile to go from here" and he decided to pull over and rest... I guess he just pooped out. Adam came down to get him and ride him in.

I warned Kenny about dragging his brakes and about Wounded Knee and we descended at a novice speed. He had really had a fun ride down. Too early to tell if he'll be a regular.

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