Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quickie JuncRun

Unbelievable, except it probably happens every year. It was cold enough this morning to need tights and other warmies; I had to dig into my pile of bike clothes that I'd put away until November.

JB and I left the Gate at 8 after I put on some extra lip goop to protect from the elements. It had rained a little overnight but was pretty dry this morning. We decided the fire near Santa Cruz was supplying the atmosphere with surplus particulate that was acting as nucleation for participate condenstation.

We figured Dudley would be back in his tights too, but we didn't see him.

At the top of the Bump I had a little gap on JB and enjoyed having him in a spot of bother so I kept on going. He's always in good form for WNRs but Saturday mornings sometimes find him without the edge.

A guy on an aero Pinarello came around me but he left no wake for me to jump into.

At the Junction we saw some guys coming down from Summit Road and they were all pretty soggy. They said just a few corners up it was really wet. There were quite a few folks though who were training for the Death Ride and they were serious about vertical training miles in whatever kind of weather was available.

New racoon-proof trash can at the Junction ranger station! (Cell phone photo)
We decided soggy wasn't for us so we went down. When I got home, my new camera was waiting for me so I took my dog for a walk and shot this photo from my neighborhood (too bad I don't actually have this view!)

The rainclouds had pretty much disipated by then.

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