Saturday, May 03, 2008


Rick and I waited for JB but he didn't show.

Rick crashed in last week's Wente Road Race and he was feeling still a little out of whack, but mostly recovered and it wasn't really too bad inury wise.

I got a library book last week titled "Dave Barry Turns 50" written in 1998 and since I just turned 49 I could relate to a lot of it, but with a few years offset (I never watched Howdy Doodie for instance.) Dave Barry is my kind of humor and anyway, Rick decided I should do something memorable and ceremonial for my 50th next year and he decided it should be the Seattle to Portland single day double century. He's done it, it's epic, it probably wouldn't kill me, and it'd be a cool jersey and blog report.

Dudley Driveby: Upper washout, wearing baggie shorts, mid-calf socks, and a down jacket.

At the Junction we saw the biggest Team in Training group ever - they must be preparing for the Death Ride and most of them looked like they were ready.

From there we opted to hit the Junction. It was great spring weather, sunny but not too warm. While we were taking in the view, a huge tour bus pulled into the parking lot, about 50 people got out with notebooks and papers, and then the bus went back down empty, leaving the people to hike (?).

This guy had some difficulty with the hairpins.

We waited about 10 more minutes to give the bus a head start but we still got stuck behind it so we stopped at the Junction too and waited, and got stuck behind it again but it eventually pulled over. Then we had the perfect Double Dips Sprint.

We went for a post-ride Jamba and we could see the Canal Trail and there was some kind of walkathon going on with thousands of people, dogs, and baby strollers; it's definitely charity event season... tomorrow's my turn.

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Curtis Corlew said...

STP is a great ride, You've never seen so many people on bikes at the same time. You won't need a map, just follow the crowd.

It's also amazingly flat. The part they call "THE HILL" will make you laugh.

I'm sure you can hammer this thing in a day. I'll be doing it in 2 with my wife. Maybe we'll see you, though bumping into someone seems about impossible.