Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2008 WNR 15

One of my photos has been accepted by Panoramio for inclusion in Google Earth! The one of the Summit Wall taken from the Lower Parking Lot I posted a couple months ago.

It doesn't appear on GE yet, and one factor that GE uses to figure out whose photos to include at the broadest zoom is how many people show interest in it... so please go HERE to view it and add a comment and link to it and e-mail it to yourself and add it to your favorites so it'll show up at a high level from Google Earth - thanks! Then I'll have a good reputation with the Google folks and they'll post my other photos as well.

So anyway, I felt pretty good tonight and the air was clear and the temp wasn't too high and the wind wasn't too bad either. Started off solo and then about 8 Diablo Cyclists passed me before the Bump and then about 8 more before I got to the Junction, only managed to pass about 3 riders myself but anyway, felt pretty good.

Bad news, the wrist strap on my heart rate monitor broke so I just had the display bit in my pocket... it lasted about 5 years so I guess that's good enough and they're cheap now anyway so I'll just go get a new one and a box of Clif Bars one of these days.

Big turnout tonight.

Don't forget - South Gate Road is CLOSED. This means you and the bike you rode in on.

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