Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Gate

I thought I was going to be doing a solo ride today, thinking JB was still in Hawaii... so I started about 15 minutes later than usual and when I got to the traffic circle there he was - changing a flat tire. If I hadn't been late I would have missed him.

So my plans for a slow ride with lots of photos were down the tube but it was a good ride anyway.

Perfect weather and the air was the best it's been for a long time.

Wildlife Encounter: This happy lizard that didn't mind his photo being taken at all... I guess I don't look very scary.

Dudley Driveby: Above Son of Chainbuster. Camping shorts and a jacket.

JB tried to shake me with a couple of accelerations - I closed up the gaps a few times but at Chainbuster he got away for good.

Ate a banana at the Junction and then we did the usual Hole route back home.

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