Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 WNR 17

JB, Jeff, and I started up just after the Diablo Cyclists. It was hot but cooling off quickly.

Got to the bottom of Chainbuster and noticed my cleats were loose... very loose. Pulled over and discovered I didn't have a screwdriver. We had just passed Craig and another guy from DC and Craig lent me his multitool which was good enough to hold me the rest of the way up. I've gotta get those allen head screws I bought in there instead of those crappy pan head screws that come with the cleats.

Jeff didn't stop so we had to catch him and then he faded a bit while JB and I sparred - then I faded too.

Still managed to pass another half dozen riders or so before I got to Junction.

A great ride tonight, but the end is nigh. Probably only 5 or 6 WNRs left this year.

Rick and I signed up for Foxy's Fall Century - drop me an e-mail if you're going to be there too.

Got an honorable mention on PunkinJay's Blog for a couple of my photos. Whenever he goes to the Summit, he climbs the Wall TWICE - just because!

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