Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gate - Junction - Tire Poppers - Gate

Beautiful, beautiful weather today.

Nobody at the Gate so I put up a big rock.

My cheering section.

Sunrises are getting later

Started off kind of slow figuring JB would catch up to me but I was solo to the Junction.

There was a huge crowd of riders from Chevron at the Junction... I don't know if they were training for something or if they were just a club that decided to ride My Mountain today. They had a support vehicle and everything.

So I went down the South Side to check out the road work.

There's equipment and materials all over but the surface is pretty nice.

Still a lot of grit on the road though... don't expect full traction around the corners.

The three sisters from above... and some mad photo editing skilz!

The repaired sections are pretty long and they did a pretty good job I think.

Most places they repaved the whole road width, but some places just one lane.

I'm faster than this guy.

Lots of dragon flies at one corner of SGR - those boogers are hard to photograph!

Saw JB coming up NGR while I was going down so I turned around and rode with him for a while near Clavicle Cracker... said he overslept.

Then I finished up with some wind sprints in the Shadelands before going home.

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