Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gate Junction Tire Poppers Junction Gate

Really cold this morning... weather station said 27°F at the Summit. Not too foggy though and the streets were kind of sloppy wet. I took the foul weather bike.

This froat definitely had his winter coat on.

My Merckx has been making an unusual creaking sound from the crank (a crink). I figured my BB bearings were going out (ISIS... a known weakness). At the Junction Rick did a little troubleshooting and decided it wasn't the bottom bracket so I checked the binder bolts and found four that needed tightening and one that was completely loose. Fixing that silenced things up nicely.
JB wasn't in the mood for freezing to death so we went down SGR with the intention of doing Tire Poppers or maybe just the Kiosk if it was too cold and then coming back up. At first it was really windy and cold but after a couple miles the sun poked through and felt pretty good. At the Tire Poppers though, JB decided to go around so it was just me and Rick going back up.

Wildlife Encounter: A bunch of turkeys near the bottom of South Gate Road.

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