Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gate - Junction - Blackhawk

Cold this morning but the days have been warming up nicely so I didn't overdo it on the clothing.
Got to the Gate a little early so went up a bit to get a photo of the sunrise:

7:58am January 31, 2009

Rick's racing today and JB wasn't there on time so I pootled up looking for things to photograph.

There were a couple riders going up before I started but I didn't see anyone else until I got above Chainbuster when I saw JB down below.

Some nice machines at the Junction bike rack.

It was really warm at the Junction and there were a lot of people there.

Then we went down to Blackhawk and took the long way back to Walnut Creek.


Anonymous said...

i'm very glad it has been warm.

Pete aka Taxi777 said...

Look at all those friggin bikes at the junction!!! It's a damm Party...
and that Klein, front and center hmmm wonder who that belongs to?