Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Summit

The sky was uniformly gray but it wasn't raining so I was riding. Packed my rain slicker just in case.

Me at the Gate at 8, no JB, along came Dudley on his way up!

I gave him a two minute lead and then started up too. Rode the first mile or so pretty easy but he was putting some time into me! It would have taken a really hard effort to catch him.

After a bit I see JB below. Up near the Ranches I enter the fog and visibility drops to about 20 feet. Dudley pulled over and I think he turned around. I stayed ahead of JB all the way to Junction. We discussed Clif Bar recalls and change we can believe in. Then we went up Summit Road.

More fog, thicker and wetter, and mega tree drippage... I spun out my rear tire a couple times while out of the saddle on the steeper bits.

JB turned around at Juniper, I continued on... vowing to find the sun.

Sun never showed up. I even lost traction again on the Wall so I stopped for a photo there.

Of course, photos never quite capture fog... so I made a short video that kinda does.

And then it was a long, wet ride down and I was glad I thought about the slicker.


Rick said...

Eerie photos in the fog, especially the one of the tower near the summit - cool!

Marcello said...

great photos, great bike!!!