Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Gate

Really cold this morning. By the time I got to the Gate my toes and the ends of my fingers were already painfully frozen.

On the way out there were at least a dozen women's shoes spread out over about a mile of Banacroft Road. I almost took a photo of one and thought about making a joke about how someone "lost a pump".

Got to the Gate a few minutes before Rick and JB - went ahead for some recon shots.

Got passed by a few guys on the way up - two of them were wearing shorts! We saw quite a few people descending already, and at the Junction the bike rack was full.
I ate a Clif bar and told Rick I wanted to do Juniper. JB turned back down.

It was positively toasty up on Summit Road. I was unzipped and gloveless and still very warm. No wind at all... it was some good riding.

On the way back down we happened upon a guy on a 20-year old Cannondale touring bike, fully loaded with camping gear. I struck up a conversation with him and he talked a little like one of those semi-crazy homeless guys. Both his wheels were wobbly and his brakes barely worked; he blamed centerpull brakes and 20-year old technology. I gave him a wide berth.

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