Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gate Junction Juniper Gate

Beautiful day, a little cool at the bottom, calm and sunny.

JB and I met at the Gate and started. We figured Mark H was up there again but he wasn't.

At one point JB shifted down to his biggest cog and the chain jammed because he was in the big ring and the chain was too short and I gave him a ration but he said that only matters if you're too dumb to use that gear... he didn't seem to see why I thought that was funny. He said he followed the Campy instructions for chainlength... I dunnno.

I don't think we saw a single vehicle the whole time on NGR.

At several places we got big strong whiffs of something that smelled like Mentholatum - not sure if it was from a rider in front of us or some kind of wild herb.

So we didn't try any funny stuff until Chainbuster when JB upped the ante by a few mph. I barely hung on and was in the red zone but by the "STOP AHEAD" sign I was only about 20 meters back so I flicked it up a few gears and pulled out a sprint win.

Lots of guys at the Junction. We joked about kids in flying saucers in the news.

Wildlife Encounter: Not a durn thing... very quiet on the Mountain today.

Nice view of the whole Bay from Juniper.

Tarantula Tally: 3

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Rick said...

Duddley still in shorts I see!