Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 Saturday Morning Ride 16

Bike to work day was Thursday - there were a few more bikes than usual in the garage - and a few more stashed in empty offices inside.

Had a rear flat this morning when I took the bike down from the hooks - then I buggered up the repair so I was going to be really late... called JB and he said he wasn't coming anyway, so I took my time.

Cold but not too windy.
Storm's coming... really?

Stopped here looking for a "menacing sky" photo.
Saturday morning regular shoutouts: Doyle and Dudley

Wildlife Encounter: Deer at the upper washout - he crossed right in front of me and then hid in the grass.

Rode up Summit Road a bit until my fingers got too cold.

Wednesday morning will find me on Mines Road when the AMGEN Tour of California comes by... watch for me on TV near the first KOM.

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