Wednesday, May 04, 2011

2011 WNR 03

Man it was hot. I forgot to pack any Cytomax so I had a single bottle of plain old CCWD H2O.

Met Edgardo and new guy Chad at the Church. Chad's several orders of magnitude too good for us but he has an injury that slows him down a little.

Edgardo's on a borrowed bike - his Specialized broke at the rear dropouts and he's looking for a replacement.

Wildlife Encounter: Turkeys and Lizards

Heard a bunch of coyotes howling too, but they were far away.

Roadkill Report: Lizards and a rat.

Edgardo got a flat and didn't make it to the Junction... we celebrated with pizza and beer at Round Table.

Planning on going to the Bike Swap Meet Saturday after the ride to look for a sew up rim and who knows what else.

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