Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 Tour of California Stage 4

Sorry but Blogger is doing some weird things with photos again - if you see a picture that isn't awesome, you should click on it to get the full awesomeness.

Got a pair of vintage sew up rims off eBay for $25 (only needed one but now I'll have a spare too.) 
Built it up this week.   A very satisfying project.

 There was a lot of glue residue that was hard to get off - maybe from Tufo tape?  I used a wire wheel and a drill.

Pulling spokes with heads out.

 Just the right amount of lube.

 Tension, true, and glue on a new tubie!

Went to Rick's house Wednesday morning and we rode to Livermore for the start of the race.  Got to see all the team and official vehicles roll up and  park.

I'm at a loss for a caption on this photo.

 The outhouse was big enough to bring your bike into!
Note foul weather wheels, not my sewups.

 Hey, that's Frankie A!

 We joked that this was Team Radio Shack's Taco Truck.

 I picked Tejay Van G for today's stage... he wasn't interested in my free tactical advice.

 The Liquigas guys were the first ones to get out and mingle a bit...very friendly.

 Rick was hoping for some autographs but we had to get up the road for the race.

Whoa, sweet.

Winaar Ronde Van Vlaanderen!

KOM#1 for viewing - mile 18.


Once again, I failed in my annual attempt to get on TV.

And then back to Livermore for lunch.  Important to let the local communities see the positive economic impact of a bunch of bike race fans coming to their town.

Here's a list of all the Amgen TOC stages I've seen:
2011 - Stage 4 from Livermore on Mines Road
2010 – Stage 3 on Bonny Doon
2009 – Stage 1 in Santa Rosa and Stage 3 on Altamont Pass
2008 – Prologue in Palo Alto
2007 – Prologue in San Francisco
2006 – Prologue in San Francisco and Stage 2 on Sierra Road

Then back to Rick's house to watch the finish of the stage.  There seems to be a lot more broken glass on the road around this area, and some little bit of it found its way into my rear tire so I had to stop and swap... glad I didn't put on my tubular wheels with the new tire.


ben said...

I was at the top of Sierra,(before the barriers started) parked next to a some sort of queen in a bright pink dress. I thought for sure I'd get some footage on Vs, (representing with the Klein Jersey)and rode up on a "moonrise" '93 Rascal, plenty of good feedback but no luck on the fame. It was an eternity between Horner and the next group!

ben said...

Oh almost forgot to add... got to the bottom of Sierra and swung over to the team busses, hopped up on the curb in front of the Leopard Trek bus coundn't clip out of my SPDs (must be rusty) and laid it down on the sidewalk to the joy of many onlookers. Another proud moment in cycling history.

Rick said...

Next year let's make sure to talk to the cameraman, get his angle and make sure you are between him and fame!