Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 SMR 17

Plan today was to meet my health club team at the Junction - they were coming up the easy side.  I got caught by another guy on the club team coming up NGR and we rode together to the Junction.  

Wildlife Encounter:  Jackrabbit and turkey.

We were early so he went up Summit Road and I hung around Junction for a while.  Then Peter came up the South Side and said he'd just moved to San Ramon to be closer to his job so won't be seeing him on NGR much anymore.  Then JB came up and said he couldn't stay because he had to help his neighbor move.  

So when it seemed like time, I went down SGR with Peter down to the pay kiosk and after a few minutes I saw the club team coming up and I rode the rest of the way with them.  Most of them are pretty good riders but not too experienced so the leaders have clinics on how to straighten out corners and ride in pacelines.

One guy had a Pinarello with fancy low spokecount wheels and he broke a spoke so he had a loooooooooong trip back down.  He refused multiple offers of assistance so I just left him.

Nice weather today, first time of the year without armwarmers or anything.

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spikemuffin said...

Easy Side?........other than the little climb pre 1,000' you've got nothing!