Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feels Like February

Looking at the Mountain from my office yesterday, it appeared as though someone poured yellow all over the park.

This morning was cool and windy. The last of the Devil Mountain Double riders was off the Mountain by about 8:20.

Saturday Morning Regulars: ThatGuy, Dudley.

All this yellow and green and orange and purple will be brown in another month or two.

Still feeling a few hematocrits low so I got to the Junction and bailed.

Side story - got a flat on my rear sew up on the way home from work last night. I knew the tire was getting old, no surprise and I had my spare... deal with it. I have an old orange tire that I use as the spare so I never forget that I need to put on a good one with new glue.

Tire on the right lasted two years... no complaints. Tire on the left is stretched and ready to go.

Gluing tubies is one of those old-timer crafts that I enjoy.

Nice. Don't forget a little glue on the spare for next time.

Hey wait a minute! No way?!?!?! Another pulled spoke????

Yup, my rear wheel is toast.

This is a Mavic GL330 - bought the wheelset used off eBay about 8 years ago; they haven't made these rims in probably 20 years and they had a reputation for cracking around the eyelets just like this so this wasn't really a surprise either - just that it happened within a couple weeks of my Klein's wheel. Anyway, I put the winter bombproof wheels back on the Merckx - I'll get around to rebuilding this wheel on a new sew up rim later.

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Pete aka Taxi777 said...

Mt. Diablo and the whole East Bay is so stunning this time of the year. I missed my Spring run out there. Maybe next week I'll get some time.
Nice Picts.