Saturday, April 09, 2011

Turkeys, Poppies, Creeks Flowing, and Sunshine.

After watching the RONDE VAN VLAANDEREN last week, I was inspired to create this chart:

Man, if they could replicate the Wall with cobbles in Flanders, de Ronde would be an even more awesome race.

I'm late, there's no rock, so I start up alone.

Wildlife Encounter: Turkey before the Gate

Really looking like spring on the Mountain.

Another Wildlife Encounter: More turkeys near the Dumpster Gate

Roadkill Report: Mouse on the Bump

Saw JB descending at the Ranger House - he said he was sick and was in a hurry to get home.

Did a good Klean up on the Klein and he's ready for next week's DIABLO CENTURY. I think I'll drop the wheels in the truing stand for a final check though.

Lots of riders coming up while I was going back down, I'm not sure why 8am isn't more popular for a start time.


Anonymous said...

Nice Wall/ Ronde chart--now if they could cobble the Mt Diablo Wall and not lets cars on it we'd have something.-pumpkincycle

Rick said...

I would join you on the Diablo Century - it looks like a great route, but I'll be racing in Santa Cruz Sunday.