Saturday, April 23, 2011

Devil Mountain Double Day

The DMD was coming down Diablo as JB and I went up. My highest admiration goes to everyone who does that most awesome ride.

Wildlife Encounter: lots and lots of turkeys

Still a bit colder than I would expect for late April. Arm warmers and tights.

Roadkill Report: I'd like to pretend this might be a badger, but it's probably a plain old coon. Extraordinarily odoriferous though.

There were dozens of riders at the Junction, and a big group of Korean hikers also that appeared to be part of a tour package or something. JB didn't feel well and went down - I went up to Juniper.


Anonymous said...

scotty-dmd-the ride for crazy people next weekend-pumpkincycle

Diablo Scott said...

OH! I guess today was the volunteer ride... DMD Lite. Still awesome.

Curtis Corlew said...

Did I see you? I was there, doing a much much shorter version.