Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 WNR 02

Nice weather tonight. I felt pretty good on Saturday's ride so I was expecting to have a good ride today too. JB and I got to the Dumpster Gate though, and when my lungs put out the word for more power... it wasn't there. That's when I remembered I donated a double ration of red blood cells to the BCOP after the ride on Saturday. Wiki says humans have about 10 pints of blood so I figure my aerobic capacity was reduced to about 80%. OK, beat THAT excuse!

Then the pedalling peloton of pulchritude passed me just to rub it in.

Finished at the Junction still starved of O2

Roadkill Report: Two lizards, not photo-worthy.

Bugs were pretty bad on the way down... yum.

New wheels are on order!

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Anonymous said...

Serious drag about the pulled spokes. Must be those spoke-popping watts you are churning out.
Hey, on a totally unrelated note, I was up in the lower lot at the summit of Diablo on Wednesday afternoon, wasting time waiting for friends, and I finally discovered your "spy cam" location!! I guess I'd never actually ridden to the end of the parking lot before. Great views!
signed, Jay's pal, Dr. Dave