Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 SMR 01 New Year's Summit Ride

SMR means Saturday Morning Ride and today's Tuesday... I suspect nobody will complain.

I wasn't the first one to the Summit, but I was probably top 5 judging from how many people I saw coming down.  Left home at 7:00... crack-O-dawn.  I was prepared for really really really cold, but it was only really cold, so the ear jock and neck gator stayed in my pockets until the descent.

Tons of people riding up by 9:30 while I was on my way down.

Hadn't warmed up yet at the Junction.

Little bit of snow in the ditches up above Devil's Elbow.

Just a bit windy at some parts, but mostly it was blue sky and sunny.

Visitor Center's still closed.

Pole Mount for my Contour

Ankle Cam
Click for vicarious experience.

New Year's Day 2013 Summit Ride from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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Curtis Corlew said...

Impressed. You are a stud. We thought it would still be cold enough if we left at 10:30, so we did. It was still sub-40 at the summit, and that was on my Garmin which reads high. I was hurting coming down.
Nice photos!