Saturday, January 05, 2013

2013 SMR 02 with Kevin

Friend Kevin from work has been riding recreationally for about a year now and decided he was ready for his first Diablo.  But he lives in Pinole and 8 at the Gate was just too early so I told him I'd do my regular 8 o'clock ride with JB, then turn around and meet him at the Gate at 9:30 and I'd ride up again with him.

So the 8am ride was cold but not as bad as New Year's Day... my toe warmers did a good job.

Wildlife Encounter:  train of turkeys near Clavicle Cracker.

No time to waste at the Junction, turned around to go meet Kevin.  He got a little jumpy though and had started up before I got to the Gate.

The eponym MOSS sneaked up on us from behind.  Captured with my hub-cam.
JB always has one more level of cold weather protection than everybody else.

Kevin on his first ride up NGR.

Compulsory newb pose.

He had been a little nervous all week, not sure if he was really up to it, but he did great.  He wasn't always sure about what gear to be in or when to honk and when to spin easy, but physically he had no problem at all.  He totally loved the whole experience too - the view and the outdoorsy naturalness of it all.  He thinks he can probably get a hall pass for one Diablo ride a month.

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