Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 SMR 03

Could see some snow on The Mountain this morning, but I couldn't tell if it was near the road.

When I was waiting at the Gate I heard the ranger tell a guy that Summit Road was open only to Juniper because of ice on the road.

We got a lot of rain on Thursday but I was surprised there was still snow and ice... but it was definitely still cold.

No, you do not get extra Belgian Hardman Points for wearing
shorts in January... you do get an honorable mention right here though.

Snow at Junction!

At Junction, the rangers said all of Summit Road was closed and wouldn't let anyone go up at all.  Then they said they were going up on a road check and would open it up in a half hour or so if it was safe.

In my search for interesting camera angles, I found this one:

Up Yer Nose Cam from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

Snot Rocket Like a Pro... not too gross, but don't click if you don't want to watch.

YES! I finally broke the 1,000 Watt barrier in spin class.
In fact I shattered it.  Found the perfect combination of
RPM and knob resistance.

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