Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 SMR 05

Berkeley beans, French press

Wildlife Encounter:  TURKEYS

I flagged a car driver behind me to stop because 
these guys were just around a blind corner and there 
would've been a blood bath.

Temperature was actually pretty nice.  The fog got thicker and thicker as I climbed... very low visibility at Junction.  BONUS... not many cars going up for a view; some campers coming down though - I can't imagine camping overnight and then wanting to leave early in the morning.

Wildlife Encounter:  HAWK!

Shoutout to Team C4 Racing !

The thumbnail that's supposed to go with that video above.


Mike said...

Said Good Morning! I was heading up just past the gate and loading dock.

I recognize the Klein. I always look at bikes, rarely the people.


Diablo Scott said...

Hi Mike! Did you know my bike's name is Mike? (Mike Line = My Kline)

I know what you mean though... sometimes I see a sorta familiar face and say... "are you the red Specialized guy?" Also... helmets and sunglasses help.