Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013 SMR 24

On the way to the Gate as usual, running a little bit late, I got about a half mile from home and saw my reflection in a car window and noticed that I didn't have my helmet on.  So after returning to fetch it, I was now running quite a bit late.  Got to the Gate at about 8:05 and no rock and no JB so I waited around for about five minutes and then put my own rock on the post.  I was surprised to catch up to JB somewhere and he said he just forgot but he's been pretty sick with a respiratory thing so he wasn't moving too fast.  Also he's replacing some BB parts on his Della Santa so he was riding his Atlantis - not that he'd ever use that as an excuse for being slow, but of course it is.

He was done and then I went up to Summit.

Had some troubles with my Contour video camera... interesting that they went out of business this week:

 Came up to this guy near Surface of Mars:  he said he was the official photographer for the Diablo Challenge and was getting his setup worked out.  Watch for him (and practice your pose) about 1.25 miles above Junction.  BTW, I'll be volunteering again, so come say hi at the start or finish.

Dumbassery on the Mountain is of course, not limited to drivers of motor vehicles - refer to below video:


Curtis Corlew said...

You are always welcome to repurpose my stuff. It makes me feel import, and all giddy inside.

Diablo Scott said...

Great thanks... but it was the August 17 post, not this one.

Rick said...

Mountain biker