Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013 SMR 26

Three summit Saturdays in a row!
JB didn't show so I put the rock on the post and went.
Roadkill Report:  snake.
Way cooler and windier than late August should be, but I'm not complaining.
Didn't waste any time at Junction, just finished one bottle and started up Summit Road.
I've been trying to memorize the names of the picnic areas and things on Summit Road - here's what I remember I think - starting from Junction:
1.  Canyon Nook Picnic Area on the left
2.  Sunset Picnic Area (lower entrance) on the right
3.  Summit Trail / Hotel Road on the left
4.  Sunset Picnic Area (upper entrance) on the right
5.  Livermore Overlook on the right
6.  Rocky Point picnic area
7.  Toyon
8.  The Pines
9.  Blue Oak
10. Oak something
11. Grapevine (anti-gravity)
12. Juniper
13. Muir
14. Water tank
15. Some trail head
16. Devil's Elbow

Saw one old guy on a classic Masi with a criterium cassette doing hill repeats... chapeau.

I finally decided to trim my helmet straps.  Should've done it a long time ago.

Way too much strap flopping around there.

Cut them to length and burn the ends to prevent unravelling.

Neat and trim - and lighter to boot!


Anonymous said...

You may find brain memory hacks #5 and #4 of interest.

Diablo Scott said...

Hey thanks Anon - I'll practice those before next Saturday.