Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 SMR 25

Didn't feel great this morning, but got better as the elevation got higher.

JB had been on jury duty through last night so we discussed issues with the legal system.

At the Junction, these two guys showed up with some cool looking custom bikes.  We'd never heard of them before so I Googled the brand - here you go:  Zanconato.  One of them had a power meter crank too.

Not sure if he knew he was posing right in front of my bike cam.

Here's that same photog from last week, scoping out the
perfect angle and equipment for the Challenge.
He remembered me but didn't say if he was posting
on-line somewhere.

This guy had a nice Trek with Di2 and all internal wiring.
Some kind of construction going on in the Lower Parking Lot -
more than just re-paving it seems.

 I almost always stop at the Lower Parking Lot before I go up the Summit Wall.  This gives me an opportunity to get some recovery, slam down a HammerGel, and watch for cars coming up from below.  From here you can see down to Devil's Elbow and plan your start so that no cars will come up behind you on the Wall...  see video below.

Dancing up The Wall from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

This is the sign on the left side of the stairs going up
to the (currently closed) observation deck.  It makes
reference to the Miwok creation myth that says
Mount Diablo was the beginning of it all.

This is the sign on the right side of the stairway
going up to the observation deck.  Mount Diablo has been a
State Park since 1921, but it's a lot bigger now
than it was back then.  Before they put this sign up in 1982,
there was just an elevation sign, like the one at the top of the wall.
The actual peak of the Mountain is inside the museum.

It almost looks like the very same sign, but not quite.
~1975  Single post attachment, capital T in FT

Today  Dual post attachment, small T in Ft

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