Wednesday, August 07, 2013

2013 WNR 15

Kevin and Evan, Charlie and Seppi, and yours truly tonight.

Charlie talked about riding Alpe d'Huez (it's hard), the Tour (it's exciting and crowded), and buying Alpe d'Huez jerseys on top of the mountain (they have real bike shops up there in a ski village).  He bought the first one he saw, but then liked the second one better (all the hairpins on a map) so he bought that one as well; he says he'll wear one of them next week.  He also brought a bag of Alpe d'Huez dirt to sprinkle on Diablo somewhere so it'll be kind of like we're all riding the Alpe too.


 Diablo shoutout to Pumpkin Jay descending on the orange bike, who just returned from a Flandrian Pilgrimmage to all the places I'd go if I could too.  No word on any Flemish dirt to sprinkle.

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