Saturday, November 09, 2013

2013 SMR 34

First ride of Daylight Wasting Time.  Still pretty cold on the ride out though so I went with full tights.  I need to think about getting some new winter gloves soon.

Me and JB got to The Gate at about the same time.

This morning my rear tire was completely flat - this is the tire that I changed after I had the gash last weekend so that's pretty strange.  I pumped it up and hoped it would hold for the day, but I should've checked it last night.  Anyway, it's still fully pressurized in the late afternoon so who knows what happened?

Eleven summits in the last 14 weeks - only missed for 1) fire closure,  2) Veteran's Century, and 3) Foxy's Fall Century.

This guy spotted my camera and put on his pain face.
In a still shot, you can't tell who's passing whom.

Lower Summit parking lot is freshly re-paved.

Hey, the observation deck is open again!
I just liked the perspective on this one.

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Curtis Corlew said...

I have now adopted the term "Daylight wasting time" and use it daily. Thanks you. It is indeed a perfect term.