Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 SMR 37

Tights and windbreaker, light gloves.  Really quiet day on The Mountain - didn't see another rider going up or down until Junction and only one car.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer at the vineyard

Wildlife Encounter:  coyote above the Zigzag

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys at the Upper Ranch

Work is progressing on fire cleanup and repair.  Lots of burned trees near power lines have been cleared away, lots of burned rubble has been cleared away, and there's a new picnic table at Grapevine.  Also the Lower Summit work has re-commenced with concrete and paving nearly done.

Lots and lots of people coming up while I was descending - big groups of people... maybe everybody just decided to sleep in today.

Dudley Driveby... about the same place as last week.

Pain face going up the wall.

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