Saturday, December 07, 2013

2013 SMR 38

I was ready for the worst today - Thursday was insanely cold, Friday was a little better, but today wasn't really too bad, and it stopped raining sometime last night so I didn't need my raincoat.

Put new brakes on the Merckx last week too, so he was ready to ride.

No wildlife encounters, no roadkill to report, not even a Dudley drive-by... all quiet on the Mountain.

Descending was a bit of an ordeal what with the wind, cold, and slippery surface.

1°F Above Freezing at Junction

It's a good day for a video:


Anonymous said...

Great great tune on video from the goddess of rock-Pumpkincycle

Anonymous said...

FYI if you have BBC World on cable TV in your area.
Per schedule for Comcast Digital in Fairfield:
Sun Dec 15, 5:30am CLICK – first 10 min about UK cycling safety tech
Sun Dec 15, 8:30pm HARDTALK – Interview with Mark Cavendish