Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 SMR 40

Solstice Summit!

Walnut Avenue is a little like Stonehenge and the solstice sun comes up right over the road (and right in your eyes).

Frigid at 7:30 but very pleasant by 8:30 - even took my gloves off.

The solstice of course, is not a day - but an instant in time; simultaneous over the entire earth... and it happened at 09:13am PST while JB and I were BS'ing at the Junction.

Didn't see many people on the way up but lots of them were climbing when I was on the way down.

I put my Contour mount on the handlebars - what do you think?  It's a little less room for my hands on the top, but you don't get the cables and brake lever in the video.

Some people call this "The Four Poles"...
nice for reference but not a very catchy name.

Diablo Regular "Tuck Jersey"
He must know that bib straps over your jersey is a fashion faux pas,
but he does it anyway out of a strong sense of individuality.

Not a Spare the Air Day

OOH, this is a good shot. 
This one's not bad either.

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Midland said...

LanceOldstrong and I just call that section "The Poles". We know it's steep from there all the way to Devil's Elbow, then recover a bit for the wall.