Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve - The Bears and Pig Farm

Neither Kevin nor Edgardo had ever done this iconic East Bay ride - so today was it.

We were supposed to be about eight, but only the three of us showed up.  Kevin forgot his helmet and we decided he could do the ride without it.

We met at Inspiration Point in Tilden Park.

Maybe they call it Inspiration Point because
you might get inspired by that Mountain way over there.

Selfie on top of the Pig

Roadkill Report:  Raccoon on the Dam Road.

The Dam Road mostly has a nice wide shoulder, but it was full of broken glass and garbage and road debris; a shame.

The ride up Wildcat is really nice.  It looks harder than it is - so it feels like you're having a great climbing day.  It's a lot like Pinehurst but with a nicer surface and more traffic.

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