Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 SMR 41

JB called in sick... OK, no hurry then, I had an extra cup of coffee.

Got half way down my street and realized I had my regular glasses on - turned around to get my sun glasses and extra warm gloves.

Got half way down Walnut Ave and punctured - piece of glass I probably picked up on the Dam Road Tuesday. While I was fixing it I thought "Well, that'll probably be my last flat of 2013".

Got a half mile past the North Gate and flatted AGAIN! Jeez, maybe I didn't get all the glass out? Didn't find any more glass and couldn't find the puncture... I think I left the valve unscrewed though so maybe the air just leaked out as the core wiggled around.  I always have two tubes and three CO2 carts in my saddlebag so I was prepared, but now I had no more reserve... I think I'll get a glueless kit to go in there too.

By mile 3 the wind was just ferocious. Bits of dirt and gravel were pummeling me around some of the corners. At least it had warmed up a mite.

Above Junction it got almost bad enough to make me think about turning around at Juniper... I finished my Clif Bar there and it was difficult just to stand still. But I didn't come this far just to quit.

Mercifully, the Summit Wall was kind of calm - I don't know if because it's shielded or the wind was taking a break. The ride back down was a real white-knuckler, but I've done it enough times to know where all the tricky bits are... and no more flats!

New Christmas gloves!

Walnut Avenue Puncture

I like this shot because you can see the "sharp turn"
sign up above for folks coming down.

I love it when a capture a rider in front of a great background.

Passed-me #5 or 6

#6 or 7

7 or 8

Don't try this on a horse.

These guys asked me to take their photo on an
iPhone - I don't know if they noticed my handlebar
cam was getting the same shot.

Winding AND windy

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Rick said...

Nice photos Scott, Happy New Year!