Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cougar Mountain Classic - just as a spectator

Went with dear daughter who enjoyed the bouncy houses more than the racing. I'd never been to Sears' Point raceway before even though I've driven by it hundreds of times.

The race course is really interesting. I did most of my viewing from the main grandstand which is the long white rectangle near the middle of the photo. Just past there, the riders (going from left to right) make a left turn and go up a hill that is about as steep as the Summit Wall! I didn't see anyone climbing it in the saddle, it looked really tough.

Most of the racing on Sunday was MTB but there was also a roadie endurance team event that was kind of interesting. This is the transition zone and the finishing rider had to dismount before the first line, pass off a transponder(?) to the starting team member, who then had to run past the second line before mounting his/her bike. I think the laps were 2.5 miles and they were generally about 7.5 minutes each. I heard one guy say that three laps per rider seemed to be the magic number. It was a 6-hour event and there weren't that many teams so mostly it was single riders or small groups going by. Would have been more interesting with a couple hundred people on the track at the same time. The course itself was very interesting (pretty much the same as for car or motorcycle racing) and there was a tail wind through the start/finish.

There were also some kiddie events like a bicycle obstacle course and short course races - This is the smallest Colnago I've ever seen - lucky kid.

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