Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Junction from Work
It was supposed to be hot today, but it really wasn't bad. JB got called into a 5 o'clock meeting but Randall said he wanted to go and meet me there at 5:30. So I rode to the Gate by myself and waited until 5:45 when JB and Sarkis showed up.

Then JB saw that he had a flat tire and it took him a long time to fix it but I waited. A couple other folks from work showed up and headed up... still I waited. Then when we finally got going it was JB, me and Brian. I went slow to take some photos.

Here is the speed limit sign to look for - from this point it's two miles to the Junction (2mtg). Just past here you can see the Lower Ranch.

Here's the stationing mark on the road : 105+00 means 10,500 feet and that's two miles. The 00+00 mark is a bit past the finish line at the Junction - sort of in the middle of the three-way intersection.

Here's the Lower Ranch - aka Diablo Ranch. You can see all kinds of farm stuff down below the road, and MTB/hiking trails below that. It's privately owned and had a FOR SALE sign on it a few years ago.Above the Lower Ranch is the Upper Ranch, AKA Turtle Rock Ranch. The sign's gone now though. They used to have group BBQ's here.

The Junction - where we all re-group. I had stopped to take a bunch of photos so I was one of the last ones up. Sometimes the bugs are really bad here. We went down and met up with Jon to ride part way up with him but I had to go back and didn't make it all the way up again.

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