Saturday, July 22, 2006

Quickie Junction Ride - 23 miles

JB came over to my house at 7:30 to watch Floyd's TdF ITT. I had it TiVo'ed so I paused the DVR when FL got in the start box and then when he came over I hit play so we were about 15 minutes behind real time which allowed us to FF through the commercials. It was a hot morning already and I drank a half gallon of ice water before we finally left and JB didn't have anything. I figured he would suffer and then I'd beat him to the Junction but it didn't happen.

We started up the Mountain and soon found out that the "Pat Caurant Memorial Ride" was happening at the same time. Pat was a local racer who died on the House of Pain ride a few weeks ago. Adam sort of knew him - he was on Team Spine

Wildlife Encounter: A fast lizard, a swallowtail butterfly (the heat really brings them out), and a cute little bunny.

I hadn't paid any attention to the time but I had promised DW to be back by 10:45 and didn't think that would be any issue at all. It was absolutely the hottest Saturday morning ride I've ever done and then I realized it was partly because we didn't start until 9:30 because of the Tour. Adam was on the Memorial Ride so we saw him at the Junction and he mentioned that the time was 10:24 and then I realized I was going to be late getting back home so I screamed down the hill and sprinted all the way home and just for fun I timed myself at 33 minutes. I'm sure that's a PB. No time to take any photos though.

Got up to 111°F today in Concord - the hottest day in recorded history.

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