Saturday, July 01, 2006

Up NGR, Down SGR - 33 miles

Set off this morning after watching the Tour de France prologue stage. Met Rick and JB at the Gate and started up. Saw a solo woman riding up on a red Klein road bike but I didn’t recognize the model - it had very different graphics; kind of small letters with a circle around them. Someday I should compile a history of Klein road bikes for reference.

At the Bump things shook up a little bit and Rick dropped back. JB and I had some friendly challenges and I thought I was making him hurt a little bit but when we got about a half mile from the Junction (2,000 foot elevation sign) he sensed I was fading and finished me off. Still having some problems with my coughing fits. Junction time: 44m.

Word at the Ranger Station was that there would be no closures of Summit Road for at least another two weeks. Lots of people there talking about the time trial next week so I'm glad they're getting a good turnout for that. I'd like to do it but I'm just not putting in good times recently - probably next year.

Rick had to go back home so JB and I went down to the Hole and then back to Walnut Creek through the golf course. No squeaking yet on those new cleats.

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