Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quickie Ride to Junction

A mile from my house, I see my long-time friend through the buildings and trees.

I was the first one to the Gate, so I decided to go up and take some photos.

Absolutely no wind today... not even the slightest breeze.

Usually this doesn't say "HIGH" unless it's windy AND hot.

They put up this sign a couple years ago. I really like it. I never noticed before I took this photo that the sign is in the shape of the Mount Diablo... I thought it was just a generic mountain. On the back it says "THANK YOU FOR COMING".

This ranch is just up from the Gate called "Arroyo Del Cerro" (Stream of the Hill). I always wonder about the windmill back there; I don't think I've ever seen it turning.

While I was taking photos, this guy rode by so I took his too.

This is the loading dock where the Diablo cattle begin their final voyage. Sometimes there are hundreds of cows here wailing with fear.

Another view from the Lower Dip.

Top of the Lower Dip (closer to Gate), near Arroyo del Cerro.

This is the Upper Dip. I love to sprint up these two little climbs on the way down after a ride.

This gate leads to some trails that I think go to Castle Rock Park, but they also keep cattle in here so they ask folks to keep it closed. There's a pretty good rappoir between ranchers and trail users.

After my photo shoot I went back to the Gate and met up with JB and Rick. We started off a little slow and discussed recent Tour de France events. JB had been to some kind of exhibit of the fire arts in Oakland last night so he had some stories. I was feeling pretty good and did a little solo breakaway past Moss Landing and then let them catch up to me again.

We stayed together through the Bump and I figured we were being a little nice to Rick who's out of condition recently. Then after Chainbuster, JB poured some gas on the fire and I hung with him until the Ranger House but couldn't keep up past that. I thought I was wearing him down and would be able to out sprint him but it never came to that. Junction time = 45m. Then I went home and got ready for the Chuck E. Cheese bday party.

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